Michael J. Todd
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering
Michael J. Todd: Selected Publications

Some technical reports can be found at Todd1, Todd2, Todd3, and Todd4.

M.J. Todd, ``Abstract complementary pivot theory,'' Ph.D. dissertation, Yale University, 1972.

M.J. Todd, ``A generalized complementary pivoting algorithm,'' Mathematical Programming 6 (1974), 243--263. pdf file.

M.J. Todd, The Computation of Fixed Points and Applications, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems 124, Springer, 1976. ebook.

M.J. Todd, ``A note on computing equilibria in economies with activity analysis models of production,'' Journal of Mathematical Economics, 6 (1979), 135--144.

419. M.J. Todd , ``Some remarks on the relaxation method for linear inequalities,'' Technical Report, April 1979. pdf.

452. M.J. Todd, ``PLALGO: A FORTRAN implementation of a piecewise-linear homotopy algorithm for solving systems of nonlinear equations'' (April 1980, revised Nov. 1981 and July 1985). Available in rather poor-quality scanned form in pdf file 1 and pdf file 2.

R.G. Bland, D. Goldfarb, and M.J. Todd, ``The ellipsoid method: a survey,'' Operations Research 29 (1981) 1039--1091. pdf.

M.J. Todd and B.P. Burrell,``An extension of Karmarkar's algorithm for linear programming using dual variables,'' Algorithmica 1 (1986) 409--424. pdf

834. M.J. Todd,`` The Affine-Scaling Direction for Linear Programming is a Limit of Projective-Scaling Directions'' (Dec. 88). Linear Algebra and its Applications 152 (1991) 93-105. pdf.

836. M.J. Todd, ``Probabilistic Models for Linear Programming'' (Feb. 89). Mathematics of Operations Research 16 (1991) 671-693. Erratum.

857. M.J. Todd, ``The Effects of Degeneracy and Null and Unbounded Variables on Variants of Karmarkar's Linear Programming Algorithm'' (Aug. 89). In Large-Scale Numerical Optimization (T.F. Coleman and Y. Li, eds.), SIAM, Philadelphia, 1990, 81-91. pdf.

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903. M.J. Todd, ``A low-complexity interior-point algorithm for linear programming'' (May 90). SIAM Journal on Optimization 2 (1992) 198-209.

907. M.J. Todd, ``Combining phase I and phase II in a potential reduction algorithm for linear programming'' (July 90). Mathematical Programming 59 (1993) 133-150.

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950. M.J. Todd, ``Projected scaled steepest descent in Kojima-Mizuno-Yoshise's potential reduction algorithm for the linear complementarity problem'' (Dec. 90). pdf.

952. M.J. Todd and J.-P. Vial, ``Todd's low-complexity algorithm is a predictor-corrector path-following method'' (Dec. 90). Operations Research Letters 11 (1992) 199-207.

958. M.J. Todd, ``Playing with interior points'' (Feb. 91). COAL Newsletter of the Mathematical Programming Society 19 (1991) 17-25. pdf.

964. M.J. Todd, ``Another variational derivation of a self-scaling Quasi-Newton update formula'' (4/91). pdf.

978. M.J. Todd, ``Interior-point algorithms for semi-infinite programming'' (8/91). Mathematical Programming 65 (1994) 217-245.

995. M.J. Todd, ``Another derivation of the Karmarkar direction for linear programming'' (12/91). Revista Investigacion Operacional 26 (2005) 124-134. pdf.

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1016. R.M. Freund and M.J. Todd, ``Barrier Functions and Interior-Point Algorithms for Linear Programming with Zero-, One-, or Two-sided Bounds on the Variables'' (7/92). Condensed version in Mathematics of Operations Research 20 (1995) 415-440.

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1170. M.J. Todd, ``On Adjusting Parameters in Homotopy Methods for Linear Programming'' (7/96). In: Approximation Theory and Optimization, edited by M. Buhmann and A. Iserles, Cambridge University Press, 1997, pp. 201--220. pdf

1177. K.C. Toh, M.J. Todd, and R.H. Tütüncü, ``SDPT3 --- a Matlab Software Package for Semidefinite Programming'' (12/96). pdf, old version pdf. Matlab files in compressed tar format can be obtained from here or for earlier versions here. An earlier version of the guide appeared in Optimization Methods and Software 11 (1999) 545-581.

1205. M.J. Todd, ``A Study of Search Directions in Primal-Dual Interior-Point Methods for Semidefinite Programming'' (10/97). Optimization Methods and Software 11 (1999) 1-46. pdf

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1219. M.J. Todd, L. Tunçel, and Y. Ye, ``Characterizations, bounds, and probabilistic analysis of two complexity measures for linear programming problems'' (9/98) (Mathematical Programming 90 (2001), 59--69.

1238. M. Wagner and M.J. Todd, ``Least-change quasi-Newton updates for equality-constrained optimization'' (5/99) (Mathematical Programming, 87 (2000), 317--350.

1253. E.A. Yildirim and M.J. Todd, ``Sensitivity analysis in linear programming and semidefinite programming using interior-point methods'' (11/99) (Mathematical Programming, 90 (2001), 229--261.

R.D.C. Monteiro and M.J. Todd, ``Path-following methods,'' in Handbook on Semidefinite Programming, H. Wolkowicz, R. Saigal, and L. Vandenberghe (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston-Dordrecht-London, 2000, pp. 267--306.

M.J. Todd,``The many facets of linear programming'' (7/00), (Mathematical Programming, 91 (2002), 417--436. pdf file.

1268. E.A. Yildirim and M.J. Todd, ``An interior-point approach to sensitivity analysis in degenerate linear programs'' (12/00) SIAM Journal on Optimization 12, pp. 692--714, 2002.

M.J. Todd,``Semidefinite optimization'' (2/01) (in Acta Numerica 10 (2001), pp. 515--560), pdf file.

R.H. Tütüncü, K.C. Toh, and M.J. Todd, ``Solving semidefinite-quadratic-linear programs using SDPT3'' (3/01) (Mathematical Programming, 95 (2003), 189--217. ps file, pdf file.

1290. Yu.E. Nesterov and M.J. Todd, ``On the Riemannian geometry defined by self-concordant barriers and interior-point methods'' (7/01)
( Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 2 (2002), 333--361, pdf.

R.H. Tütüncü, K.C. Toh, and M.J. Todd, ``SDPT3 --- A MATLAB software package for semidefinite-quadratic-linear programming, Version 3.0'' (8/01), pdf file. Matlab files in compressed tar format can be obtained from here or here.

1339. J.S. Marron, M.J. Todd, and J. Ahn, ``Distance Weighted Discrimination'' (7/02, revised 10/04), Journal of the American Statistical Association 102 (2007), 1267--1271. pdf file.

1363. M.J. Todd, ``Detecting Infeasibility in Infeasible-Interior-Point Methods for Optimization'' (1/03) (in: Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Minneapolis 2002, edited by Felipe Cucker, Ron DeVore, Peter Olver, Endre Suli, Cambridge University Press, 2004, pp. 157--192). pdf

1381. A. Fostel, H.E. Scarf, and M.J. Todd, ``Two New Proofs of Afriat's Theorem'' (6/03). pdf Shorter version in Cowles discussion paper series: pdf file. Economic Theory 24 (2004), 211--219, online here.

1388. B.K. Rangarajan and M.J. Todd, ``Convergence of infeasible-interior-point methods for self-scaled conic programming'' (10/03). pdf

K.C. Toh, R.H. Tütüncü, and M.J. Todd, ``On the implementation of SDPT3 (Version 3.1) --- A MATLAB software package for semidefinite-quadratic-linear programming'' (4/04), pdf file.

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1435. M.J. Todd and E.A. Yildirim, ``On Khachiyan's algorithm for the computation of minimum volume enclosing ellipsoids'' (9/05). Discrete Applied Mathematics 155 (2007), 1731--1744, online here. pdf.

1452. S.D. Ahipasaoglu, P. Sun, and M.J. Todd, ``Linear convergence of a modified Frank-Wolfe algorithm for computing minimum volume enclosing ellipsoids'' (10/06). Optimization Methods and Software 23 (2008), 5--19. TR1452.pdf. Abstract.

1468. A.S. Nemirovski and M.J. Todd, ``Interior-point methods for optimization'' (1/08). Acta Numerica 17 (2008), 191--234. Preliminary version: TR1468.pdf. Abstract.

X. Qiao, H. Zhang, Y. Liu, M.J. Todd, and J.S. Marron, ``Weighted distance weighted discrimination and its asymptotic properties,'' Journal of the American Statistical Association 105 (2010), 489, 401-414. pdf file.

1472. S.D. Ahipasaoglu and M.J. Todd, ``A Modified Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for Computing Minimum-Area Enclosing Ellipsoidal Cylinders: Theory and Algorithms'' (4/09), Computational Geometry, 46 (2013), 494--519. pdf.

K.C. Toh, M.J. Todd, and R.H. Tütüncü, ``On the implementation and usage of SDPT3 -- a Matlab software package for semidefinite-quadratic-linear programming, version 4.0,'' in the Handbook on Semidefinite, Conic and Polynomial Optimization, edited by Miguel F. Anjos and Jean B. Lasserre, Springer, 715--754. Preliminary version: pdf file.

M.J. Todd, ``Proportional response as iterated Cobb-Douglas,'' in Edith Elkind, Nimrod Megiddo, Peter Bro Miltersen, Vijay V. Vazirani, and Bernhard von Stengel, editors, Equilibrium Computation, Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings, Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, Germany, 2010. pdf file.

H. Huang, Y. Liu, Y. Du, C.M. Perou, D.N. Hayes, M.J. Todd, and J.S. Marron, ``Multiclass distance-weighted discrimination'' (11/10), Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 22 (2013) 953--969. early pdf file.

M. Gancarova and M.J. Todd, ``A robust robust optimization result'' (4/11), Operations Research Letters 40 (2012), 2--5. Longer version: TR1479.

G. Zakeri, D. Craigie, A. Philpott, and M.J. Todd, ``Optimization of demand response through peak shaving'' (10/13), Operations Research Letters 47 (2014), 97--101. pdf file.

M.J. Todd, ``An improved Kalai-Kleitman bound for the diameter of a polyhedron'' (3/14), SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 28 (2014), 1944--1947. pdf file.

M.J. Todd, ``Computation, multiplicity, and comparative statics of Cournot equilibria in integers'' (9/14), Mathematics of Operations Research 41 (2016), 1125--1134. pdf file.

M.J. Todd, Minimum-Volume Ellipsoids, MOS/SIAM Series on Optimization , Vol. 23, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2016.

M.J. Todd, ``On max-k-sums'' (8/16), pdf file. Mathematical Programming 171 (2018), 489--517. The full final article can be read online here.

M.J. Todd, ``Can n^d+1 unit right d-simplices cover a right d-simplex with shortest side n+\epsilon?'' (11/17), pdf file.

J. Lamperski, R.M. Freund, and M.J. Todd, ``An oblivious ellipsoid algorithm for solving a system if (in)feasible linear inequalities,'' (12/20), to appear in Mathematics of Operations Research, pdf file.

M.J. Todd, ``The ellipsoid method redux'' (1/23), pdf file.

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