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The School of Operations Research and Information Engineering in the College of Engineering at Cornell University. CUInfo.
My ORIE home page.
The Center for Applied Mathematics and the Math Dept..
The CS Dept. and the Computing and Information Science page. The ORIE colloquium, the SCAN seminar, the Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics seminar, the Theory seminar, the AI seminar, the CS colloquium, and the CAM colloquium.

I was chair of the Society for the Foundations of Computational Mathematics for 2005--2008, and co-managing editor (with Felipe Cucker) for its journal for 2011-2014.

I was chair of the SIAM Activity Group on Optimization for 2011--2014.

The Optimization and Statistical Learning Center of Northwestern University.
John Mitchell's list of OR and related sites.
Henry Wolkowicz's extensive home page.

The Interior Point Methods On-Line Site, formerly run by Steve Wright.
Optimization Online.
Two semidefinite programming sites: the first by Farid Alizadeh and the second by Christoph Helmberg; see also the papers on eigenvalue optimization and semidefinite programming by Michael Overton. The pages of Wright and Helmberg contain links to people working in the field, here and here.
The output of Jon Kleinberg's program on "+semidefinite+programming" is here.

When Fermat's Last Theorem was proved (by a fellow of my old college, Clare, in Cambridge), I wondered whether it held for integer symmetric matrices also. See Fermatlab.

And some less academic sites:
My wife Marina was Director of Creative Services at Ithaca College.
Our son Jonathan got married on June 2, 2001. (Check out the photos here, particularly photo 1, and here, particularly photos 4 and 9.) He and his wife Jen are living in Newton, MA, where she is a pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children's Hospital and he teaches mathematics at Bentley University.
I spent the 94-95 academic year visiting the University of Washington and MIT.
I spent the fall of 2001 visiting the Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics at Yale and Mathematical Sciences at IBM.
I spent the spring of 2009 at the Engineering Sciences Department at the University of Auckland and the fall visiting the Fields Institute in Toronto.

In 1991, I saw someone walking around with a t-shirt advertising a recent Danzig tour. The back read "Danzig -- the long way"; I still regret not tearing it off his back! The tour was called the Long Way Back From Hell Tour.
Jonathan has a paper published in the Fibonacci Quarterly based on his undergraduate work at Williams College with Ed Burger.
My cousin Kim Binsted works at the University of Hawaii on computational astrobiology and computer-generated jokes, among other things.
Restaurants1, restaurants2 in Ithaca, and local wineries in the Finger Lakes.
Two motorcycle links: the Cayuga Curmudgeons (see a picture of my 1978 Ducati Darmah, and Karen Aardal on my old faithful 1958 BMW R69) and Euro-Moto. Also see this.
Other Mike Todds: 1, 2, 3.

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