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Former PhD Students and Placement

  1. Andrey Krishenik, May 2015.
    Thesis title: Essays on Funding Liquidity and Credit Risk.
    First position: Quantitative Research, JPMorgan.

  2. Anton Braverman (Co-chair, Chair: Jim Dai), April 2017.
    Thesis title: Steady-state diffusion approximations in service systems: engineering solutions and error bounds.
    First position: Assistant Professor, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

  3. Rui Chen (Co-chair, Chair: Agnes Sulem), July 2019.
    Thesis title: Dynamic optimal control for large financial networks and mean field systems with jumps.
    Awards: Paris Foundation of Mathematical Sciences (FSMP) PhD Fellowship.
    First position: Quantitative Researcher, Citadel.

  4. Weilong Guo (Chair), January 2020.
    Thesis title: Advancing quantitative investment with machine learning and network analysis.
    First position: Quantitative Researcher, AQR.

  5. Ariah Klages-Mundt (Chair), May 2023.
    Awards: Bloomberg PhD Fellowship; Cornell Commercialization Fellowship, NSF I-Corps and INFORMS Finance Section Best Student Paper (finalist).
    First position: Founder of Gyroscope Stablecoin

Current PhD Students

  1. Peihan Huo (Chair).
  2. Yuxuan Liu (Co-Chair, Chair: Bob Jarrow).

Contact Information

Andreea Minca
Cornell University
222 Rhodes Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 255-9133 - phone
(607) 255-9129 - fax