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Submitted for publication

  1. Amini, H., Deguest, R., Iyidogan, E., Minca, A. " Blockchain Adoption and Optimal Reinsurance Design"
  2. Huo L., Klages-Mundt A., Minca A., Munter F., Wind M. " Decentralized Governance of Stablecoins with Option Pricing"
  3. Amini H. and Minca, A. "Cohort Effects, Voluntary Social Distancing and Life Insurance Purchases during a Pandemic."
  4. Qian X., Chen Y. and Minca A. "Perfect Clustering for Degree Corrected Stochastic Block Models with Outliers".
  5. Klages-Mundt A. and Minca, A., "While Stability Lasts: A Stochastic Model of Stablecoins." Finalist for the INFORMS Finance Section Best Student Paper
  6. Chen R., Dumitrescu R., Minca A. and Sulem A., "Mean field BSDEs and global dynamic risk measures."

Journal Articles

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  2. Amini H. and Minca, A. "Epidemic Spreading and Equilibrium Social Distancing in Heterogeneous Networks." Forthcoming in Dynamic Games and Applications.
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  25. Peer-reviewed book chapters and conference proceedings

    1. Xie Q., Yang Z., Wang Z., Minca A.(2021) "Provable Fictitious Play for General Mean-Field Games". In International Conference on Machine Learning ICML '21 .
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    1. Minca, A. (2011). Mathematical modeling of financial contagion, PhD Thesis, Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie University.

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