Sean Sinclair

Past Talks

Sequential Fair Allocation of Limited Resources under Stochastic Demands
at Mechanism Design for Social Good Workshop (online, poster) August 2020
at Harvard CRCS AI for Social Good Workshop (online) July 2020

Adaptive Discretization for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning [video]
at Neural Information Processing Systems (online, poster) December 2020
at ICML Theoretical Foundations of Reinforcement Learning Workshop (online) July 2020

Adaptive Discretization for Decision Making in Large Continuous Spaces
at Jane Street Symposium, NY, NY January 2020

Adaptive Discretization for Episodic Reinforcement Learning [video]
at SIGMETRICS (online) July 2020
at NeurIPS Workshop on Optimization in Reinforcement Learning, Vancouver, BC December 2019
at Cornell Celebration of Statistics and Data Science (Poster), Ithaca, NY September 2019
at Cornell Young Researchers Workshop, Ithaca, NY October 2019
at Cornell Operations Research Advances through Collaboration Workshop, Ithaca, NY October 2019

Runge-Kutta Methods for Distributed Delay Differential Equations
at Montreal Applied Math Seminar, Montreal, PQ October 2014
at Canadian Undergraduate Math Conference, Ottawa, ON July 2014
at Student Summer Colloquium, Montreal, PQ July 2014

Monadic Second-Order Logic and Buchi's Theorem
at Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Montreal, PQ November, 2014