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Current PhD Students

Former PhD Students

  • Philip Klein, August 1988, Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Planar, Chord al and Interval Graphs, (MIT-CS).
  • Leslie Hall, August 1989, Topics in Combinatorial Optimization, (MIT-OR).
  • Joel Wein, June 1991, Algorithms for Scheduling and Network Problems, (MIT-Applied Math).
  • Clifford Stein, August 1992, Approximation Algorithms for Multicommodity Flow and Shop Scheduling Problems, (MIT-CS).
  • Alessandro Panconesi, June 1993, Locality in Distributed Computing, (Cornell-CS).
  • Aravind Srinivasan, August 1993, Techniques for Probabilistic Analysis and Randomness-Efficient Computation, (Cornell-CS).
  • Helena Lourenco, August 1993, Algorithms and Computational Experiments for the Job-shop Scheduling Problem, (Cornell-OR).
  • Paul Martin, August 1996, A Time-Oriented Approach to Solving Job-shop Scheduling Problems, (Cornell-OR).
  • Fabian Chudak, August 1998, Approximation Algorithms for the Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem, (Cornell-OR).
  • Mark Huber, June 1999, Efficient Algorithms for Exact Sampling, (Cornell-OR).
  • Dan Brown, August 2000, New Algorithms for Genetic Linkage Mapping Projects, (Cornell-CS).
  • Nathan Edwards, January 2001, Computing Near-optimal Solutions for Network Design Problems, (Cornell-OR).
  • Chaitanya Swamy, June 2004, Approximation Algorithms for Clustering Problems, (Cornell-CS).
  • Retsef Levi, August 2005, Computing Provably Near-Optimal Policies for Stochastic Inventory Control Models, (Cornell-OR).
  • Ranjith Rajagopalan, August 2005, Algorithms for Some Clustering Problems, (Cornell-OR).
  • Davina Kunvipusilkul, December 2006, Integer Programming Methods for Scheduling Chain with Interval Lag Constraints, (Cornell-OR).
  • Frans Schalekamp, April 2007, Algorithms for Universal and A Priori Optimization Problems, (Cornell-OR).
  • Tim Carnes, June 2009, Approximation Algorithms Via the Primal-Dual Schema: Applications of the Simple Dual-Ascent Method to Problems from Logistics, (Cornell-OR).
  • Gwen Spencer, May 2012, Approximation Algorithms for Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization with Applications in Sustainability, (Cornell-OR).
  • Maurice Cheung, May 2012, LP-based Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling and Inventory Management Problems, (Cornell-OR).
  • Hyung-Chan An, August 2012, LP-based Approximation Algorithms for the TSP and Related Problems, (Cornell-CS).
  • Eoin O'Mahony, May 2015, Smarter Tools for (Citi) Bike Sharing, (Cornell-CS).
  • Chaoxu Tong, January 2016, Some Resource Allocation Problems, (Cornell-OR).
  • Daniel Fleischman, August 2016, Computational Approaches for Hard Discrete Optimization Problems, (Cornell-OR).
  • Patrick Steele, January 2017, Vehicle Routing Problems, (Cornell-OR)
  • Soroush Alamdari, May 2018, Exact & Approximate Algorithms for Some Combinatorial Problems, (Cornell-CS)
  • Daniel Freund, August 2018, Models & Algorithms for Transportation in the Sharing Economy, (Cornell-CAM)

Contact Information

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