Huseyin Topaloglu
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering

Huseyin Topaloglu
School of Operations Research
and Information Engineering
Cornell University / Cornell Tech

2 West Loop Road
New York, NY 10044
Email: ht88 [ at ] cornell $ dot $ edu
Tel: 646-971-3825

B.S. Bogazici University (1997)
M.A. Princeton University (1999)
Ph.D. Princeton University (2001)

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Research Interests: Stochastic programming and approximate dynamic programming. Applications in revenue management, fleet management and pricing.  

Revenue Management and Pricing Analytics is available here.

In solidarity with the colleagues and students at Bogazici University:
The newly-appointed president of Bogazici University Melih Bulu does not have the academic or administrative credentials to lead a research institution at the caliber of Bogazici. My criticism is nothing personal; he is simply out of his depth at his new post. His only logical and ethical recourse at this point is to resign from his post immediately.