Bruce W. Turnbull
School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering
Bruce W. Turnbull: Selected Publications

(from over 100 articles)

  • Turnbull, B.W. 1973. Inequalities for branching processes. Annals of Probability , 1, p. 457-474.
  • Turnbull, B.W. 1974. Nonparametric estimation of a survivorship function with doubly censored data. Journal of the American Statistical Association 69, 169-173.
  • Bergman, S. W., and B. W. Turnbull. 1983. Efficient sequential designs for destructive life testing with application to animal serial sacrifice experiments. Biometrika 70:305-14.
  • Jennison, C., and B. W. Turnbull. 1983. Confidence intervals for a binomial parameter following a multi-stage test with application to MIL-STD 105D and medical trials.Technometrics 25:49-58.
  • Jennison, C., and B. W. Turnbull. 1989. Interim analyses: The repeated confidence interval approach (with discussion). Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B 51(3):305-61.
  • Abu-Libdeh, H., B. W. Turnbull, and L. C. Clark. 1990. Analysis of multi-type recurrent events in longitudinal studies; application to a skin cancer prevention trial. Biometrics 46: 1017-23.
  • Turnbull, B. W., E. J. Iwano, W. S. Burnett, H. L. Howe, and L. C. Clark. 1990. Monitoring for clusters of disease: Application to leukemia in upstate New York. American Journal of Epidemiology 132(1):S136-S143.
  • McShane, L. M. and B. W. Turnbull. 1992. Properties of continuous sampling plans with finite production run lengths. Journal of Quality Technology 24:153-61.
  • Turnbull, B. W. 1992. Multivariate failure time analysis. InSurvival analysis: State of the art, ed. J. P. Klein and P. V. Goel, pp. 407-414. Boston: Kluwer Academic.
  • Waller, L. and B. W. Turnbull. 1992. Probability plots with censored data. American Statistician 46:5-12.
  • McShane, L. M. and B. W. Turnbull. 1991. Probability limits on outgoing quality for continuous sampling plans. Technometrics 33: 393-404.
  • Waller, L. A., B. W. Turnbull, L. C. Clark, and P. Nasca. 1992. Chronic disease surveillance and testing of clustering of disease and exposure: Application to leukemia incidence and TCE-contaminated dumpsites in Upstate New York. Environmetrics 3: 281-300.
  • Waller, L. A. and B. W. Turnbull. 1993. The effects of scale on tests for disease clustering. Statistics in Medicine (special issue on Statistics and Computing in Disease Clustering) 12:1869-84.
  • Waller, L.A., Turnbull, B.W., Clark, L.C. and Nasca, P. 1994. Examining spatial patterns of disease incidence data to detect clusters in a rare disease: A case study. In Case Studies in Biometry, (Eds. N. Lange, L.Ryan, L.~Billard, D.~Brillinger, L.~Conquest and J.~Greenhouse), Wiley, New York (Chap. 1), p. 3-23.
  • Cronin, K., Slate, E.H., Turnbull, B.W. and Wells, M.T. (1994). Using the Gibbs sampler to detect changepoints: Application to PSA as a longitudinal marker of prostate cancer. Computing Science and Statistics, Vol.26, (Eds J. Sall and A. Lehman), Interface Foundation of North America, 314-318.
  • Hsieh, F. and Turnbull, B.W. (1996). Nonparametric estimation of the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve. Annals of Statistics, 24 (1), 25-40.
  • Slate, E.H., Natarajan, R., Turnbull, B.W., and Clark, L.C. (1996). ``Design of factorial clinical trials. Computing Science and Statistics, Vol.27}, (Eds. M.M. Meyer and J.L. Rosenberger), Interface Foundation of North America, p.400-404.
  • Luo, X., Turnbull, B.W. and Clark, L.C. (1997). Likelihood ratio tests for a changepoint with survival data Biometrika, 84, 555-565.
  • Jennison, C. and Turnbull, B.W. (1997). Group sequential analysis incorporating covariate information. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 92, 1330-1341.
  • Jiang, W., Turnbull, B.W. and Clark, L.C. (1999). Semiparametric regression models for repeated events with random effects and measurement error. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 94, 111-124.
  • Slate, E.H. and Turnbull, B.W. (2000). Statistical Models for Longitudinal Biomarkers of Disease Onset Statistics in Medicine, 19, 617-637.
  • Lin, H., McCulloch, C.E., Turnbull, B.W., Slate, E.H. and Clark, L.C. (2000). A latent class mixed model for analyzing biomarker trajectories in longitudinal data with irregularly scheduled observations. Statistics in Medicine, 19, 1303-1318.
  • Jiang, W. and Turnbull, B.W. (2002). Some applications of indirect inference to longitudinal and repeated events data. In: Proceedings of the Second Seattle Symposium in Biostatistics: Analysis of Correlated Data, (Eds. Danyu Lin and Patrick Heagerty). Lecture Notes in Statistics. Springer, New York.
  • Stefanescu, C. and Turnbull, B.W. (2003). Likelihood inference for clustered exchangeable binary data with varying cluster sizes. Biometrics. 59, 18-24.
  • Jennison, C. and Turnbull, B.W. (2003). Mid-course sample size modification in clinical trials based on the observed treatment effect. Statistics in Medicine 22, 971-993.

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