Robert G. Bland
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering

Robert G. Bland: Selected Publications

  • Bland, R. G. 1977. A combinatorial abstraction of linear programming. Journal of Combinatorial Theory B 23:33-57.
  • Bland, R. G. 1977 New finite pivoting rules for the simplex method. Mathematics of Operations Research 2:103-07.
  • Bland, R. G., and M. Las Vergnas. 1978. Orientability of matroids. Journal of Combinatorial Theory B 24:94-123.
  • Bland, R. G. 1981. The allocation of resources by linear programming. Scientific American 244:126-44.
  • Bland, R. G., D. Goldfarb, and M. J. Todd. 1981. The ellipsoid method: A survey. Operations Research 29:1039-91.
  • Bland, R. G., and B. L. Dietrich. 1988. An abstract duality. Discrete Mathematics 70:203-08.
  • Bland, R. G., and D. F. Shallcross. 1989. Large traveling salesman problems arising from experiments in x-ray crystallography. Operations Research Letters 8:125-28.
  • Bland, R. G., J. Cheriyan, D. Jensen, and L. Ladanyi. 1993. An empirical study of network flow algorithms. In Network flows and matching: First dimacs implementation challenge, ed. D. S. Johnson and C. C. McGeogh, pp. 119-156. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society.
  • Bland, R. G., and B.L. Dietrich. 2008. A unified interpretation of several combinatorial dualities. Discrete Optimization 5:337-49.
  • Bland, R. G., and J.B. Orlin. 2011. D. Ray Fulkerson. In in: Profiles in Operations Research: Pioneers and Innovators , ed. Arjang Assad and Saul Gass, pp. 509-528. New York, NY: Springer.


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