Assignment 0

This “assignment” is mostly about initializing a Git repository for the course (if you have strong opinions about competing version control programs such as Mercurial, Darcs, or SVN, feel free to use those instead), as well as answering a few questions to help me learn a bit about yourself.

Course repository

Your first task is to initialize a course repository for your individual assignments. If you are using Git, I strongly recommend you use the Cornell Github Enterprise to host your repository (both for your assignments and the course project). Simply sign in with your Cornell netID.

Give me read access to the repository so I can clone it and view your work. You can send an invite to my Cornell email (my netID is snp32).

Bio sketch

Create a file called in your repository. This will use Markdown language, which is a simple way to format text in a way that is easy to both read and write. Most online repositories will automatically render Markdown to include the indicated formatting. And even if it is not rendered, the plain-text file is still easy to read. It is a lightweight markup language in the same family as reStructuredText, the language used to produce this website.

Please answer the following questions in your file. You may format your responses however you like.

  1. Provide a brief introduction for yourself (name, area of study, year of study, etc).
  2. Give a brief summary of some of the research problems in your area that you are currently focused on.
  3. What kinds of computational challenges do you commonly face in the context of your research?
  4. Assess your level of experience as a coder, giving some examples of previous coursework or other experience.
  5. What are your goals for the next semester? What do you want to take away from the course, and how do you want to improve?
  6. What programming language(s) are you likely to use for your assignments and the project? (This is not binding in any way.)
  7. What are some ideas you have for the course project? (Again, this is not binding.)
  8. Do you have any ideas for potential bonus topics for the latter half of the course?

After you are done

Sometime before the due date (Friday, February 10 at 5pm), send an email to me confirming that I received an invite for your repository. Once I confirm that I have read access, you are free to make however many commits you want (remember to push to the remote). My script will pull from the repository at the exact time indicated above, so any changes afterwards won’t be taken into account.