Pamela Badian-Pessot

Something went wrong I am a fifth year PhD student in Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University. I am advised by Professor Mark Lewis. Prior to coming to Cornell, I completed a BA at Wells College majoring in Mathematics and Economics. Afterwards, I spent one year at Smith College participating in the Center for Women in Mathematics Post-Baccalaureate Program.

My research is in stochastic processes with a focus on control of queues. I am particularly interested in queueing systems with significant energy considerations. In such systems, good control policies must balance minimizing energy costs with maintaining quick response times. My work focuses on using Markov decision processes to identify the structure of such policies.

Office: 297 Rhodes Hall
Email: plb93 at cornell dot edu


P. Badian-Pessot, D.G. Down and M.E. Lewis, "Optimal control policies for an M/M/1 queue with a removable server and dynamic service rates", to appear, Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences [pdf]

B.S. Baumer, P. Badian-Pessot "Evolution of batters and base runners", Handbook of statistical methods and analyses in sports, J. Albert, M.E. Glickman, T.B. Swartz, and R.H. Koning, Eds. Chapman; Hall/CRC Press: Boca Raton, Fl, 2016, pp 1-37.

S. Stoudt, P. Badian-Pessot, et. al. "Modeling internet traffic generations based on individual users and activities for telecommunication applications", American Journal of Undergraduate Research , 13(3):53-63, 2016.

Upcoming Talks

Dynamic Routing and Vacation Control in a Two-class Parallel Queueing System
at INFORMS-Annual Meeting October 21, 2019


HR Economics and Research Research Science (OR) Intern (Summer 2017)


ORIE 3310/5310 & ORIE 3510/5510
Optimization II & Introduction to Engineering Stochastic Processes I Teaching Assistant (Summer 2019)

ORIE 3310/5310
Optimization II Head Teaching Assistant (Spring 2019)

ORIE 6500
Applied Stochastic Processes Teaching Assistant (Fall 2018)

ORIE 3510/5510
Introduction to Engineering Stochastic Processes I Instructor (Summer 2018)

ORIE 3300/5300
Optimization I Head Teaching Assistant (Fall 2017)

ORIE 3510/5510
Optimization II Teaching Assistant (Spring 2017)

ORIE 3300/5300
Optimization I Teaching Assistant (Fall 2016)

Teaching Awards

Teaching Assistant of the Year
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, 2018-2019

Teaching Assistant of the Year
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, 2016-2017