Madeleine Udell

  • Cornell PhD students: I will be taking on a few PhD students this year. Send me an email or drop by my office if you're interested in working with me. Potential projects include

    • low rank and structured optimization,

    • automatic machine learning,

    • fair and interpretable machine learning,

    • automatic analysis of optimization methods,

    • recommender systems for revenue management,

    • if you have your own project in mind, come tell me about it!

  • Cornell masters and undergraduate students: Get in touch if you've got a strong computational background, have taken or are taking one of my classes, are willing to work on research for at least ten hours a week for at least a year, and are interested in one of the problems above; and mention you've read this.

  • Students at other universities: If you'd like to work with me, please apply to a PhD program at Cornell! I advise students in many different PhD programs: ORIE, Stats, CS, ECE, and CAM. Take a look at the core course requirements and faculty research profiles for each and see which one fits your interests best. I'm not able to reply individually to emails from prospective students, but I'm glad to chat once you're accepted.

Current Research Group

PhD students:

  • Lijun Ding, PhD student in ORIE. (Co-advised with Yudong Chen.) Fast methods for low rank optimization.

  • Chengrun Yang, PhD student in ECE. Automatic machine learning.

  • Yiming Sun, PhD student in Statistics. (Co-advised with Sumanta Basu.) Tensor sketching.

  • Xiaojie Mao, PhD student in Statistics. (Co-advised with Nathan Kallus.) Reliable machine learning with observational data.

  • Sam (Song) Zhou, PhD student in ORIE. Convex optimization over combinatorial structures.

Undergraduate students:

  • Yuji Akimoto, undergraduate in CS. Automatic machine learning.

Other research affiliates:

  • Jicong Fan, postdoctoral associate.

  • Yuqian Zhang, postdoctoral fellow.

  • Ramchandran Muthukumar, predoctoral researcher. PDE-constrained optimization.

Cornell masters students:

  • Jianqiu Liu, Kyle Wadell, Jamie Wong, Michael Yuan, MEng students in ORIE. Unsupervised learning for cybersecurity (Booz Allen Hamilton).


(Parentheses below enclose first employer after degree, if known.)

Cornell undergraduates:

  • Charlene Luo, undergraduate in ORIE (Masters in Data Science at Columbia). Tensor factorization.

  • Yang Guo, undergraduate in Statistics (PhD in CS at UW Madison). Tensor factorization.

  • Dae Won Kim, undergraduate and MEng student in ORIE. Automatic machine learning.

  • Ahaan Nachane, undergraduate in CS (Braze). Data Infrastructure for Distributed Machine Learning.

  • Anya Chopra, undergraduate in CS. Low rank modeling in Python.

  • Patrick Nicholson, undergraduate in CS. Identifying gerrymandering.

  • Mihir Paradkar, undergraduate in BEE (Yelp). Data imputation for health care.

  • Zachary Rosenof, undergraduate in ORIE (McKinsey). Designing urban transport systems.

Cornell masters students:

  • Vidita Gawade, Caroline Troude, Juan Felipe Gonzalez Rodriguez, Yikun Cai, MEng students in ORIE. Forecasting wine harvest volume.

  • Qin Lu, MEng student in ORIE (Amazon). Interpretable machine learning.

  • Fan Liu, MEng student in ORIE (Goldman Sachs). Interpretable machine learning.

  • Fan Liu, David Lee, Soo Hyun Lee, Junrui Ye, and Srishti Sarawat, MEng students in ORIE. Forecasting grape ripeness.

  • Ishaan Jain and Darpan Kalra, MS students in CS. Deep learning for image classification.

Google summer of code:

  • Ayush Pandey, undergraduate in Mathematics and CS at IIT Kharagpur (ZemantaOutbrain). Optimization with complex variables./

  • Ramchandran Muthukumar, Masters student in Mathematics and undergraduate in CS at BITS Pilani. Faster presolve for linear programming and beyond.

Exchange students:

  • Huichen Li, undergraduate in CS at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (PhD in CS at UIUC). Learning low-rank tensors.

  • Sam (Song) Zhou, undergraduate in mathematics at Tsinghua (PhD in ORIE at Cornell). Convex optimization over combinatorial structures.

  • Ramchandran Muthukumar, masters student in Math and undergraduate in CS at BITS Pilani (Researcher in ORIE at Cornell). PDE-constrained optimization.