Madeleine Udell

  • Cornell PhD students: I will be taking on a few PhD students this year. Send me an email or drop by my office if you're interested in working with me. Potential projects include

    • fast semidefinite programming,

    • automatic analysis of first-order optimization,

    • causal inference with big messy data,

    • recommender systems for revenue management,

    • automatic machine learning,

    • private machine learning,

    • PDE-constrained optimization,

    • if you have your own project in mind, come tell me about it!

  • Cornell masters and undergraduate students: Get in touch if you've got a strong computational background, have taken or are taking one of my classes, are willing to work on research for at least ten hours a week for at least a year, and are interested in one of the problems above.

  • Students at other universities: If you'd like to work with me, please apply to a PhD program at Cornell! I advise students in the graduate fields of Operations Research, Applied Math, and Computer Science; take a look at the core course requirements and faculty research profiles for each and see which one fits your interests best.

Current Students

PhD students:

  • Lijun Ding, PhD student in ORIE. Fast methods for low rank convex optimization.

  • Matthew Zalesak, PhD student in ORIE. Designing urban transport systems.

  • Chengrun Yang, PhD student in EE. Automatic machine learning.

  • Yiming Sun, PhD student in Statistics. (Primary advisor: Sumanta Basu.) Interpretable machine learning.

Undergraduate students:

  • Charlene Luo, undergraduate in ORIE. Recommendation systems.

  • Anya Chopra, undergraduate in CS. Collaborative pricing.

  • Yuji Akimoto, undergraduate in ORIE. Automatic machine learning.

Masters students:

  • Dae Won Kim, masters student in ORIE. Automatic machine learning.

  • Fan Liu, masters student in ORIE. Interpretable machine learning.

  • Qin Lu, masters student in ORIE. Interpretable machine learning.

Exchange students:

  • Sam (Song) Zhou, undergraduate in mathematics at Tsinghua. A modeling language for optimization over combinatorial structures.

  • Ramchandran Muthukumar, masters student in Math and undergraduate in CS at BITS Pilani. PDE-constrained optimization.

  • Huichen Li, undergraduate in CS at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Learning low-rank tensors.


Cornell undergraduates:

  • Patrick Nicholson, undergraduate in CS. Identifying gerrymandering.

  • Mihir Paradkar, undergraduate in BEE. Data imputation for health care.

  • Zachary Rosenof, undergraduate in ORIE. Designing urban transport systems.

Cornell masters students:

  • Fan Liu, David Lee, Soo Hyun Lee, Junrui Ye, and Srishti Sarawat, MEng students in ORIE. Forecasting grape ripeness.

  • Ishaan Jain and Darpan Kalra, MS students in CS. Deep learning for image classification.

Google summer of code:

  • Ayush Pandey, undergraduate in Mathematics and CS at IIT Kharagpur. Optimization with complex variables.

  • Ramchandran Muthukumar, Masters student in Mathematics and undergraduate in CS at BITS Pilani. Faster presolve for linear programming and beyond.