ORIE 6326: Participation

Students are expected to submit one question or comment on each lecture on piazza. These count for either

  • 10% of your grade (according to the Learning grading schema) or

  • 5% of your grade (according to the Research grading schema).

(Take a look at the grading schemas for more details.)


The post should summarize what you learned in the last lecture, and note the ideas that were most confusing to you or that you want to review. You'll receive full credit for your post if

  • it is submitted after the end of the lecture and before the beginning of the next lecture

  • it is related to the content of the lecture

  • it is coherent (so we can understand the meaning of your post)

You can make the post anonymous (to your classmates, but not to your instructors) or nonymous, as you choose. To make sure Piazza still stays searchable and useful, please follow these guidelines:

  • Comments submitted for the purpose of satisfying participation requirements should be posted as private posts, visible only to the instructors; and should be labeled as Notes, not Questions.

  • Questions, and Notes that you think will be useful to the whole class, should be posted to the whole class.

  • Please use the Question post type sparingly, and only if you need an answer; we will try to answer all questions, but that means your questions should really be questions!

Why are we doing this?

These posts will be useful both to us and to you:

  • We will use your ideas to clarify previous lectures, and to improve the course in future iterations.

  • You can use these to ask questions you don't feel comfortable asking in class.

  • You can use these to gather your thoughts on the previous lecture and solidify your understanding.