Resources from section will be posted here. Topics may change based on student interest.


Attend either section (or neither); the content will be the same on each day, and we will not take attendance.

Section topics

Date corresponds to the date of the first section on a topic (usually, a Tuesday).

  • 8-26-21: First week of classes, no section

  • 9-7-21: Python for data science: seaborn and pandas video notebooks

  • Bonus: Linear Algebra review video (from last year)

  • 9-14-21: Github and Jupyter video notebooks

  • 9-21-21: Linear algebra and gradient descent video

  • 9-28-21: Project critiques video

  • 10-4-21: Generalization and validation video

  • 10-12-21: Advanced scikit-learn video

  • 10-19-21: Data structures for efficient trees video

  • 10-26-21: Optimization video

  • 11-2-21: Post-hoc interpretability techniques (SHAP, LIME) video

  • 11-9-21: Unsupervised learning video

  • 11-16-21: AutoML in practice video

  • 11-23-21: no section (Thanksgiving)

  • 11-30-21: Causal inference