Collaboration policy

The goal of the homework is to help you practice the skills that you'll use later in this class and - we hope! - later in life. Homework carries weight for your grade to encourage you to spend time on it and think deeply about it. Our collaboration policy is geared to make sure you can get the help you need, and so that by the time you turn in your work you understand what it's about, how it works, and why it's important.

Students are allowed - and even encouraged - to collaborate on homework. However, each student must submit their own homework. We ask that you

  1. Give credit to the people who have helped you: please write on your homework the names of the people you worked with.

  2. Give credit to the other resources that have helped you: please write on your homework the textbooks, notes, or web pages you found useful.

  3. Write up your homework by yourself. That is, all of the text that you submit should be typed or hand-written by you.

See Cornell's policy for more details.

If you're not able to answer a homework question, but you show us the work that you performed to think about the question and to try to understand it, you will receive partial credit.


We recognize that students are balancing many priorities, and so we make accommodations to allow for late homework. Students have 10 slip days that may be used through the semester with no grade penalty. At most 5 slip days may be used for a single assignment. For example, you could submit one homework five days late, a second two days late, and another three days late; or your friend could submit five homeworks two days late each. To calculate slip days, we round up: a homework submitted 24 hours and one minute after it is due will use two slip days. Homework submitted after all your slip days are used will receive a score of 0.

Extensions will be granted only if your college advisor issues a “request for academic consideration” (generally for medical reasons), or in other such exceptional circumstances. Requests due to job interviews, other classes and assignments, and poor planning will not be considered. We suggest you save your slip days to insure against catastrophe.

You can ask for your homework to be regraded up until two days after grades have been posted. Regrades can increase or decrease your grade. (We will regrade the whole assignment, not just a single question.)

Although some assignments are more difficult than others, we weight all assignments equally when computing your overall homework score.

Homework assignments and due dates

Submit homework on Gradescope by 9:15am on the due date. (Feel free to take a picture of your handwritten homework and upload the pdf.)

When you're asked to write code for an assignment, submit a pdf or html of the code. (For example, you can export a Jupyter notebook to html from the Jupyter menu (Download as -> HTML), or print a Jupyter notebook to pdf using your browser (File -> Print).)

Homework solutions can be found on Gradescope after the due date. Code and data for the homework can be found in our homework repo.

  1. Homework 0, due 9-2-21

  2. Homework 1, due 9-16-21

  3. Homework 2, due 9-30-21

  4. Homework 3, due 10am 10-15-21

  5. Homework 4, due 10am Monday 11-1-21

  6. Homework 5, due Thursday 11-18-21

  7. Homework 6, due 9:15am Tuesday 12-7-21