This class will have no exams. Instead, we will have quizzes approximately weekly, which will ask some simple questions on course material. Each quiz should take you about 15–20 minutes. Quizzes will be cumulative.

Quizzes will be posted on Gradescope. They will be open from Friday 10am to Saturday noon ET; you will have half an hour from the time you begin the quiz to complete it. (We suggest setting a reminder on your calendar or phone to remember to take the quiz!) Do not close your browser; you will not be able to reopen the quiz.

Quizzes are open-book; however, all responses should be your own words, and collaboration with other students is prohibited. (Remember: if you can find it on the internet, so can we. Don't use answers you find on the internet.) Do not communicate with other students during the quiz or about what questions were on the quiz, until after the deadline for quiz submissions.

You can ask for your quiz to be regraded up until two days after grades have been assigned. Regrades may increase or decrease your grade.

In computing your final grade, we will drop your lowest two quiz scores.