ORIE 3120
Practical Tools for Operations Research, Machine Learning and Data Science
Spring 2020

Catalog Description: The practical use of software tools and mathematical methods from operations research, machine learning, statistics and data science. Software tools include structured query language (SQL), geographical information systems (GIS), Excel and Visual Basic programming (VBA), and programming in a scripting language (either R or Python). Operations research methods include inventory management, discrete event simulation, and an introduction to the analysis of queuing systems. Machine learning and statistical methods include multiple linear regression, classification, logistic regression, clustering, time-series forecasting, and the design and analysis of A/B tests. These topics will be presented in the context of business applications from transportation, manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce.

Lecture: TTh 10:10-11:25am in Hollister Hall B14, starting January 21, 2020 or on Zoom

Instructors: Madeleine Udell and Frans Schalekamp


Where do I …?

Answers to Some Important Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please register for the course’s Piazza and ask your question there. Don’t email the instructor.

Q: Is it ok if I’m undeclared? Or if I’m majoring in something other than ORIE?
A: Yes! All majors are welcome.

Q: I want to enroll but I have a conflict with the lecture, or I have conflicts with all the discussion sections.
A: No, we won’t be approving any concurrent enrollments, and you must be able to attend a discussion section.

Q: Can I enroll for one discussion section but attend another?
A: No, you must attend the discussion section for which you are enrolled. Sections are very full and there simply is not space to allow swapping. If you must swap sections for one week (this should happen very rarely) you must make a private piazza post with this request at least 24 hours ahead of time (and receive approval). Remember, you can always submit recitations early.


This course has been built over several years by many dedicated teachers. The present instructors gratefully acknowledge Peter Jackson, Peter Frazier, John Callister, David Ruppert, and Michael Clarkson for their contributions to this course.