Damek Davis


Assistant Professor
Operations Research and Information Engineering
Cornell University


office: Rhodes Hall 218

email: dsd95 at cornell.edu


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Field Memberships: ORIE, Math, and CAM

Current PhD Students

Current Undergraduate Students

  • None

Past Undergraduate Students

  • Naijia (Anna) Dong (ORIE)

    • Next position: Columbia U. Masters Program in Operations Research



  • None



continuous optimization; variational analysis; operator-splitting; complexity analysis; stochastic methods; large-scale computing; machine learning


For up-to-date citation counts, see my Google Scholar page.


I have several papers and preprints on optimization algorithms, some of which are published in SIAM Journal on Optimization, Mathematics of Operations Research, Set-Valued and Variational Analysis, and Neural Information Processing Systems; four of these papers determine the speed of first-order optimization algorithms [1],[2],[3],[4]; five of these papers introduce new first-order operator-splitting schemes [5],[6],[7],[8],[9]; one of these papers introduces a fast algorithm for projecting on the ordered-weighted l1 norm ball (also called the sorted l1 norm) [10]; one of these papers introduces a fast stochastic algorithm for highly nonconvex problems in robust machine machine learning [11]; and one of these papers introduces a subgradient method for nonsmooth, nonconvex optimization [12].

Seismic Imaging

I have one paper, published in IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, on a fast algorithm for seismic data interpolation [1].

Computer Vision

I have two CVPR papers, one on feature designing for images and videos [1] and another on feature retrieval in large databases [2].


I have three papers on Air Traffic Management published in Journal of Aerospace Systems, Journal of Dynamical Systems and Control, and Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies; one is a survey on mathematical tools in air traffic management [1]; and the other two contain algorithms for scheduling aircraft landings in terminal airspace [2] [3].

Commutative algebra

I have one Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society paper, written in the summer of my junior undergraduate year at UCI, that determines when a certain class of subrings of power series rings are Noetherian and factorial [1].

Honors and Awards

In the past, my research has received several awards including both the NSF graduate (2010) and math postdoctoral fellowships (2015), the Pacific Journal of Mathematics Dissertation Prize (2015), the INFORMS Optimization Society student paper prize (2014), and as an undergraduate I was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in my junior year.


I have given talks or poster presentations of my work at Cornell (2015-2017); University of California, Los Angeles (2010-2015, 2017); Stanford (2015); University of Washington, Seattle (2015); University of Waterloo (2015); University of Wisconsin, Madison (2015, 2016); CVPR (2014); International Symposium on Mathematical Programming (2015); Institue for Mathematics and its Applications (2016); INFORMS annual meeting (2014-2017); INFORMS international meeting (2016); SIAM Imaging conference (2016); SIAM annual meeting (2016); and Google, NYC (2016, 2017); SIAM Optimization Conference (2017); EUROPT (2017).


I was on the program committee for OPT2016 at NIPS. I regularly review articles for several optimization journals and conferences. I have chaired sessions at the INFORMS 2016 international meeting and the INFORMS 2017 Annual Meeting. I have sat on panels that help students with fellowship applications, spoken at the Ithaca High School mathematics seminar, and I have helped students individually, too.