INFO 2310: Topics in Web Programming and Design

Fall 2008

Instructor Information

Instructor: David P. Williamson
Office: Rhodes 236
Office hours: M 11-12, Thurs 1:30-2:30, and by appointment
Office phone: 255-4883
Email: My three initials AT
Teaching Assistant: Phil Adams
Email: pja22 AT


The course meets Fridays in Phillips 318 from 1:25-2:40PM. We'll meet for 10 weeks, starting August 29, skipping September 19, and ending November 7.

This course will give an introduction to the web framework Ruby on Rails. We'll cover the Ruby scripting language, basic Rails, issues in authentication and authorization, testing, using Rails plugins, using JavaScript and Ajax in Rails applications, deployment and scaling. We will build two applications from scratch, and do extensive in-class exercises.

We'll be following course materials created by Dean Strelau.


Aug 29 Course overview and introduction to Ruby. [PowerPoint][Code snippets][Annotated PDF]
Sept 5 Introduction to Rails. [PowerPoint][Annotated PDF]
Sept 12 Rails and routing. [PowerPoint][Code snippets][Annotated PDF]
Sept 26 Associations. [PowerPoint][Code snippets][Annotated PDF]
Oct 3 Authentication/Authorization. [PowerPoint][Code snippets][Annotated PDF]
Oct 10 Authorization and Testing. [PowerPoint][Code snippets][Annotated PDF]
Oct 17 Testing and Plugins. [PowerPoint][Code snippets][Annotated PDF]
Oct 24 JavaScript and Ajax. [PowerPoint][Code snippets][Annotated PDF]
Oct 31 Photo Gallery. [PowerPoint][Code snippets][Annotated PDF]

Discussion board

There is an INFO 2310 discussion board, which might be useful in discussing issues related to the course.


Below we give links to the software packages we are using in the course


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