Benjamin Grimmer

Upcoming Talks

Radial Duality
at INFORMS Annual Meeting November, 2019
General Convergence Rates Follow From Specialized Rates Assuming Growth Bounds
at INFORMS Annual Meeting November, 2019

Past Talks

Radial Duality
at RPI Applied Math Days 4/5/2019

Convergence Rates For Stochastic Subgradient Methods Without Lipschitz Continuity Or Convexity
at International Symposium on Mathematical Programming 7/2/2018
at INFORMS Optimization Society Conference 3/4/2018

Radial Subgradient Method
at INFORMS Annual Meeting 10/24/2017
at SIAM Conference on Optimization 5/22/2017
in the Cornell SCAN Seminar 4/10/2017

Nash Equilibrium and the Price of Anarchy in Priority Based Network Routing
at IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM) 4/20/2016

Near Linear Time 5/3-Approximation Algorithms for Two-Level Power Assignment Problems
at the 10th ACM International Workshop on Foundations of Mobile Computing (FOMC) 8/11/2014