Adrian Lewis
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering

Adrian S. Lewis was born in England in 1962. He is Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Engineering at Cornell University, in the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering. From July 2010 until June 2013 he served as the School's Director. Following his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Cambridge, and Research Fellowships at Queens' College, Cambridge and Dalhousie University, Canada, he worked in Canada at the University of Waterloo (1989-2001) and Simon Fraser University (2001-2004). He has also held visiting appointments at Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse), the University of Milan, the University of Auckland, MSRI (Berkeley), the University of Montpellier (II), the Courant Institute (NYU), and the University of Seville.

Adrian Lewis is a Co-Editor for Mathematical Programming, Series A and an Associate Editor of Set-Valued Analysis, and Mathematika. He has also served on the editorial boards of Mathematics of Operations Research, the SIAM Journal on Optimization, the SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, the SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, and the SIAM/MPS Book Series on Optimization. He received the 1995 Aisenstadt Prize, from the Canadian Centre de recherches mathematiques, the 2003 Lagrange Prize for Continuous Optimization from SIAM and the Mathematical Programming Society, an Outstanding Paper Award from SIAM in 2005, the 2018 INFORMS Computing Society Prize, and he is a SIAM Fellow. He was an Invited Speaker at the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians. He co-authored "Convex Analysis and Nonlinear Optimization" with J.M. Borwein. His research concerns variational analysis and nonsmooth optimization, with a particular interest in semi-algebraic optimization and variational properties of eigenvalues.