Andrew Gordon Wilson


We are a research group at Cornell University, wishing to understand the foundations of learning and decision making towards developing intelligent systems. We often (1) take a probabilistic approach; (2) care about automatically discovering scientifically interpretable structure in data; and (3) are excited about bridging connections with scientific computing. We are particularly active in building methods for probabilistic deep learning, scalable Gaussian processes, kernel learning, and training of deep neural networks. We believe in open and reproducible research. If you'd like to try out these methods check out our code page.

Group Leader
Andrew Gordon Wilson

Postdoctoral Fellow
Jacob Gardner

PhD Students
Ben Athiwaratkun
Marc Finzi
William Herlands
Pavel Izmailov
Polina Kirichenko
Wesley Maddox
Samuel Stanton
Ruqi Zhang

Masters Students
Michael Luo

Yash Sharma

Patrick Nicholson (Masters)