Andrew Daw


Andrew Daw

Andrew Daw is a Ph.D. student in the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University where he is advised by Prof. Jamol Pender. Prior to joining Cornell in the Fall of 2015, Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida.

Andrew's research is in probability and stochastic processes. His work examines how processes, systems, and decisions are shaped by perception and communication. This often involves the use of self-exciting point processes such as the Hawkes process to capture social influence among arriving entities. He is also interested in operations research at the level of individuals. This connects to his interests in teaching operations research, which are geared towarding achieving comprehension through both practical and personal connections.

Andrew is supported as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellow, received in 2017.


The Queue-Hawkes Process: Ephemeral Self-Excitement
Daw and Pender Submitted (2019)

On the Distributions of Infinite Server Queues with Batch Arrivals
Daw and Pender Queueing Systems (2019)

New Perspectives on the Erlang-A Queue
Daw and Pender Advances in Applied Probability (2019)

Queue Length Rounding and Delayed Information in Disney World Queues
Nirenberg*, Daw, and Pender Winter Simulation Conference (2018)

Queues Driven by Hawkes Processes
Daw and Pender Stochastic Systems (2018)

* Undergraduate student


MATH 112
Contemporary Mathematics+ Instructor (Spring 2019)

ORIE 3510/5510
Introduction to Engineering Stocastic Processes I Instructor (Summer 2017)

ORIE 3510/5510
Introduction to Engineering Stocastic Processes I Instructor (Summer 2016)

ORIE 4130/5130
Service System Modeling and Design Teaching Assistant (Spring 2017)

+ Cornell Prison Education Program


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