About Me

I am a third year PhD student in Operations Research at Cornell University, where I am fortunate to be supervised by Professors Shane Henderson and David Shmoys. Prior to coming to Cornell, I completed my BASc in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto where my undergraduate thesis was supervised by Professor Timothy Chan. I also spent a year designing trading algorithms for RBC Capital Markets.

I am excited by developing new methods of data-driven decision making for large-scale real-world systems. My research focuses on designing algorithms to improve the management of fleets of e-bikes and scooters by leveraging techniques from optimization, stochastic processes, and simulation. I strive for my research to have real-world impact on social systems such as transportation and healthcare.

Recently, I have been working with an incredible team to model the spread of COVID-19 on Cornell's campus and design a safe return for students. Our work directly informed decisions made by the University's President and Vice-Provost and allowed Cornell to safely reopen for all students. Our models were also used by multiple large universities in the US and our work appeared in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and ABC News.

In my spare time, I love playing soccer, watching sports (especially hockey), traveling and volunteering.

I am grateful to be supported by an NSERC PGS-D fellowship, received in 2019.

Contact me at: aaj54 [at] cornell [dot] edu



Cornell Reopen - COVID-19

We designed a modelling framework to support decision making by Cornell university leadership and advised on key decisions such as: whether to reopen campus, testing frequencies, quarantine capacities, and the design of shutdown protocols. This framework focused on modelling the spread of COVID-19 on college campuses and the impact of interventions like asymptomatic testing and contact tracing. Our model was also used by other academic institutions across the US.
Media coverage: WSJ, ABC News, Bloomberg, CNBC, CBC, Inside Higher Ed, The Cornell Daily Sun, Cornell Chronicle


Drone Delivered AEDs

We explored using drones to deliver Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) to out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. AEDs can be used without medical training and significantly improve medical outcomes. Despite a comprehensive network of AEDs in Toronto, they are used in fewer than 3% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. We show that drones can efficiently improve timely access to this technology and outperform the existing EMS system. Recently, a pilot project began for drone delivered AEDs in Peel region (in the Toronto area).
Media coverage: U of T News, Toronto Star


Global Spark

Global Spark is an education non-profit run by young professionals and students that aims to prepare the next generation of leaders to solve the world's most complex problems. We have redesigned how 15,000 students across 11 universities learn about and engage with these problems. I have served as a Managing Director since 2018 and have been responsible for the annual thought leader panel. This panel brings together global experts to discuss how cutting-edge technology can be used to tackle our planet's biggest challenges, and the role of different sectors in implementing sustainable solutions. Previous panelists include Laura Frigenti (Fmr. Head of Strategy at the World Bank), Omar Dhalla (SVP Element AI), and Carla Bromberg (Head of Google's AI for Social Good).


Future of Work Initiative

This initiative was a special project for the Aga Khan Council of Canada Economic Planning Board. We examined trends in the future of work, the impact that COVID-19 will have, and careers of the future. We also provided actionable recommendations for up-skilling, re-skilling and highlighted various pathways for transitioning to jobs of the future. Lastly, we curated testimonials from experts and people who have gone through career transitions to share their advice and experiences. Through this project, we engaged over 2000 people.


Journal Articles

  1. Modeling for COVID-19 College Reopening Decisions: Cornell, A Case Study (To appear in PNAS)
    P. Frazier, J. M. Cashore, N. Duan, S. Henderson, A. Janmohamed, B. Liu, D. Shmoys, J. Wan, Y. Zhang
    Media Coverage: WSJ, ABC News, Bloomberg, CNBC, CBC, Inside Higher Ed, The Cornell Daily Sun, Cornell Chronicle
  2. Optimizing a Drone Network to Deliver Automated External Defibrillators (Circulation 2017)
    J. J. Boutilier, S. C. Brooks, A. Janmohamed, A. Byers, J. E. Buick, C. Zhan, A. P. Schoellig, S. Cheskes, L. J. Morrison, T. C. Y. Chan
    Media Coverage: U of T News, Toronto Star
  3. Homogeneously dispersed, multimetal oxygen-evolving catalysts (Science 2016)
    B. Zhang, X. Zheng, O. Voznyy, R. Comin, M. Bajdich, M. Garcia-Melchor, L. Han, J. Xu, M. Liu, L. Zheng, F. P. Garcia de Arquer, C. T. Dinh, F. Fan, M. Yuan, E. Yassitepe, N. Chen, T. Regier, P. Liu, Y. Li, P. De Luna, A. Janmohamed, H. L. Xin, H. Yang, A. Vojvodic, E. H. Sargent
  4. Colloidal quantum dot photovoltaics enhanced by perovskite shelling (Nano Letters 2015)
    Z. Yang, A. Janmohamed, X. Lan, F. P. GarcĂ­a de Arquer, O. Voznyy, E. Yassitepe, G. Kim, Z. Ning, X. Gong, R. Comin, E. H. Sargent
  5. Self-Assembled PbSe Nanowire:Perovskite Hybrids (JACS 2015)
    Z. Yang, E. Yassitepe, O. Voznyy, A. Janmohamed, X. Lan, L. Levina, R. Comin, E. H. Sargent

Working Papers

  1. How many patients will need ventilators tomorrow? (medRxiv)
    J. G. Dai, M. Gluzman, A. Janmohamed, Y. Xu


  • Optimization II (ORIE 3310) Teaching Assistant
    Spring 2019
  • Engineering Applications of Operations Research (ENGR 1101) Course Development
    Summer 2020
  • SoNIC Workshop Teaching Assistant
    Summer 2021

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